My name is Adriel Michelle and I am a Lifestyle Portraiture Film Photographer based in New York City. From age eleven, photography was something that always peeked my interest. I was constantly using my mothers cameras to shoot things around our neighborhood in Crown Heights, even after she'd tell me not to, but I was too hard headed! Although I have used digital cameras on various occasions, film photography is where my heart lies. I think what made me fall in love with that particular method of photography, is the process of developing the film. I'm able to capture these beautiful images by using a method of photography that has been, in many ways, left in the dust by the digital world and that added tactile step of developing the photographs I take myself, makes the entire process and experience of photographing with film very personal for me, as I am the one responsible for bringing the photos to physical fruition.

All in all,  I've explored various shooting styles that are reflected in my work and I will continue to do so along with exuding my ideas through the use of photography.  The images that are shown on this site have a story and I hope that when you view them, you walk away having felt something.